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Quality Living Immobiliare

Indirizzo:Perugia - Via Alessi 28
Sito Web:
Informazioni Agenzia

Our office is located in the center of Perugia and just walking distance from the University for Foreigners. We are a real estate company, and a small committee dedicated to serving the community and the visitors of Perugia. Within our Italian family we have a New Yorker who is a prior student from the University of City College/Cuny, and also a prior scholar recipient of the Gilman International scholarship. We will assist you in the language stated. We travel to New York twice a year for college functions and speaking engagements. We manage the properties we rent out therefore offering assistance to customers before and after they have rented. We are fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. ...our customers on FB: QualityLivingStudents


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